Services - Yard Debris

Sweet Home Sanitation offers Yard Debris service throughout the communities we serve.  Our 90-gallon gray yard carts are offered free with residential garbage service.

  • Carts will be picked up every other week on the same day as garbage service.

What Goes In?
Leaves, weeds, prunings, grass clippings, brush and woody material, coffee and tea filters and egg shells.

What Stays Out?
Please! No food, vegetables, household or hazardous waste, paper or plastic bags, dirt, sod, rocks, or metal objects.  If these items are in your cart, it will be dumped as garbage and you WILL be charged.

Cart Placement
Yard debris service is now fully automated. Please make sure your cart is at the curb and is no farther than five feet from the curb. The front of the cart must face the street. Also keep in mind that the cart will need to be 4ft. from mailboxes, recycle bins and garbage cans and 10ft. from automobiles, recreational vehicles and basketball hoops.