Services - Residential

Residential Services
We offer curbside pick-up of trash on a weekly basis.  We have automated our collection routes wherever possible for maximum efficiency.  Three sizes of carts are offered for curbside services.  All carts have wheels and need to be rolled to the curb for automated collection. 

Services for residential customers in the county are offered at roadside.  There is an additional access fee for those customers who wish to have their garbage serviced at their home.

Cart Size:    
20 gallon-serviced once/week
35 gallon-serviced once/week
90 gallon-serviced once/week

Placing Your Cart

  1. Your cart must be out the night before your scheduled pickup.
  2. Place carts on a flat surface at least 3 feet away from all obstacles (motor vehicles, utility poles, basketball hoops, mail boxes, sign posts or trees) and at least within 2 feet of the curb.
  3. Place cart so that the handle (and wheels) face away from the street. The lid must be closed completely.


Every time the employee has to get out of the truck to adjust a cart, it adds to the cost of the program and takes longer to collect the route... Please make a note of proper placement and share this with your family.


Stop at the Top!
Trying to squeeze that last little bit of “stuff” in your garbage cart?  What harm can it do?  At least it’s in the can, right?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way!  All that trash teetering on the top many times spills out as the route drivers are lifting your container for dumping.  This creates a mess in your neighborhood and frustration for our drivers.  Service rates for our carts are based on how much it costs us to dispose of the contents at the landfill.  When there is more trash than the cart can hold, it creates an added disposal fee for us and unfortunately, an additional charge on your bill.
overflowing garbage can
So please do your neighborhood, your wallet and us a favor…stop at the top and keep a lid on trash and litter!
Please DO NOT place these items in your garbage cart:
Automotive Fluids Batteries Bricks Cinder Blocks
Construction Materials       Concrete Dead Animals Dirt
Flammable Liquids Flooring Fluorescent Lights Hazardous Materials
Hot Ashes Insulation Motor Oil Mortar
Paints     Plywood Pool Chemicals    Rocks
Sand Sheet Rock Shingles Siding
Solvents Steel Roofing        Stones    Tires      

Extra!  Extra!

Have extra trash?  We are happy to pick up any extra garbage you may have above and beyond your regular service.  Extra trash also means additional disposal fees to us, so we do charge our customers for their “Extras”.

Disposal Ban of Covered Electronics Devices

Oregon's 2007 Electronics Recycling Law prohibits any person from disposing of computers, monitors and televisions. Sweet Home Transfer accepts covered electronic devices at no charge.